For the best in urban Music look no further Usthr33Musik Radio, we are Grounded Connoisseurs that have a good understanding of urban Music, whether its be the 80s or 90s to the present day.

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Mixmaster Alistair (MMA)

Hi i have been a Dj for many years, i started of as a body popper dancer back in the day then moved into playing music. i am what you may call a all rounder i play only the best in what ever genre i am playing. My number one love is Hiphop & groovers.


My first experience as a DJ was in 1995 playing on Genesis Radio Leeds fantastic experience.Later down in life i rekindled back to playing on radio's and truly enjoying my journey.


If You Know Me You'll Love These Flavors In Your Ear In The Mix. So Sit Back Relax & Enjoy..... From Me The Doc To You, Thanks For Listening & Please Return Soon.

Universal Mad Maxx

Hi i started as a Dancer at the age of 15 then i got into Djing about the age of 35 and fell in love with it just like my dancing. The music i am into is Funk,Jazz,Jazz Funk & much more. I hope to play the best music for you , So enjoy.


Hello and welcome to the Usthr33musik Radio Website you can find live shows on are Mix cloud site . and if you are one of those people that are always on the go you can goto the google app store and download are usthr33musik radio app to your phone for free.You can also find Usthr33musik Radio on other social Media Platforms like.YOUTUBE1. RADIO TWITCH4. THE MESS5. USTHR33MUSIK RADIO6.