I have for years considered myself a metalist, but this is not true.

I just loved to much of all styles of Rock for this to be factual.

Listening to what others have said about the stations of today,

and also thinking of my own opinions I decided that making a station

everyone would love was something that just wasn’t out there.

You either were into the oldies, the songs from certain eras or all the new stuff.

This in my opinion became very boring indeed. 

Too Much Talk drives me crazy, listening to the same four tracks

from the same bands over and over again drives me nuts. 

There are literally thousands of great songs from thousands of bands to choose from !

I have made it my 5 year trek to go through all of these libraries ,

and pick out all the hits, all the radio played, and all the great tunes you never

get to hear on these stations that get buried that should be heard.

This is where The Crunge Rock Radio is born !

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Today, February 27, 2024